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4G mobility

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Router SIM 4G

Take your network wherever you go

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Whether the fiber optic connection does not reach your area or there are constant failures in the service, or if you want or need to move frequently, are very mobile and do not need more commitments, there is another option to surf the Internet at high speed from multiple devices : use our SIM routers with 4G coverage.

These devices, more compact than traditional routers, are characterized by incorporating a slot for SIM cards like those in smartphones, which they use to access the mobile data network. Then, they share that signal via Wi-Fi with several computers, tablets and other devices simultaneously.

As easy as plug and play!

eNUK: servicios de internet y telefonía

At eNUK, we work to improve day by day, to meet your needs, and to offer you the best every day..

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Podrás disponer de tu router con internet en cualquier punto con cobertura móvil.

Sí. Si te trasladas lo puedes llevar contigo. Tan sólo necesitas consultar la cobertura móvil de la zona y una toma de electricidad y ya está: a funcionar.

No. Consúltanos sobre las condiciones especiales de tu router. Pero no, no hay permanencia.

Por supuesto. Funciona como un router tradicional: comparte su señal con diversos equipos, tablets o dispositivos que desees.

No hacemos milagros, pero casi. Consúltanos. Estudiaremos tu caso, sin compromiso, y te ofreceremos la mejor opción. Seguro.

Maybe you have some doubts?

At eNUK, we are constantly working to improve the services we offer to our customers.

That’s why we can provide you with personalized services, tailored to your needs at any given moment.

We are at your service. Anytime. Do you have questions? Do you want to ask us something?

Are you a business?

We have what you need.

We have special plans for businesses.

eNUK is your best choice.


What do you need: fiber, wifi, ...?

At eNUK, we have the best Internet offer that perfectly fits your needs. Not everyone needs the same thing, that's why at eNUK, we offer you exactly what you need at the right price. Tell us what you want, and we will provide you with the best service.

wifi MAX con eNUK. Internet allá donde estés.

Internet with eNUK

Our Internet services, whether Fiber or Wifi, are transparent, secure, and reliable. With unlimited data and no contract, all you have to do is surf. No limits, just relax and let eNUK take you there

eNUK es Wifi. Estés donde estés.

eNUK wifi network

At present, we have an extensive wireless network with repeaters that guarantees uninterrupted service at a transparent price. No line maintenance or contracts. If you need professional bandwidth, contact us. We are the best choice

eNUK es instalación de fibra sin permanencia

eNUK fiber network

We currently have an extensive fiber network that guarantees uninterrupted service at a transparent price. No line maintenance or contracts. If you need professional bandwidth, contact us. We are the best choice

eNUK: Your Internet service provider

Do you want to add telephony?

Convergent rates: mobile, landline, and fiber

Some reasons to choose us

No contract

No hidden clauses or penalties. Change with peace of mind.

Free sign-up

In most of our services, you won't pay an activation fee or line rental.

Personalized service

You speak with people who attend to your needs and try to provide the best solution in the same call.


Quality in fiber and mobile: enjoy and soar with our network.

Best price

Without a doubt, we offer the best price on the market without compromising quality.


Contract only what you need, without any extra fees. Let us advise you.

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